The builder that I sought had to be a perfectionist builder in view of the work to be done was major renovation to a heritage classified convict built home (circa1840). The builder had to ensure the continued integrity of the existing home and the proposed build at all times. Refurb Construction was able to do this work through great service and ongoing communication with numerous state govt bodies plus local council and achitects to complete this work – exceeding my expectations and the attention to detail was totally unbelievable. This renovation was not your normal custom build but a very very specialised build. The builder provided very friendly service at all times and was great to see Dragan or George onsite daily overseeing the processes. Additionally the quality of tradeseman appeared to be “handpicked” in view there quality workmanship provided.
I would have hesitation in recommending both Dragan and George or Refurb Construction given the end result – superb outcome.