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JD Refurb Constructions P/L registered as a family group of professional builders with a long family history in the building services industry from early 1900’s central Europe to the early 1960’s in Australia, we are committed in providing up most excellence in quality of professional trades men & high standard to materials products to clients looking to renovate federation and heritage listed buildings as well as commercial fit-outs, refurbishments, remedial face lifts to tired old buildings also in ground-up-construction of new residential, commercial, industrial projects. We are able in providing all these services as of the long history of builders, contractors in the family passed down over the past 100 years of knowledge & experience of years in the building industry. Our company has grown over the years to contribute positively to the industry and prides itself on high ethical and moral values. JD Refurb Constructions P/L takes pride in delivering the highest quality workmanship and impeccable client experiences. We operate under an ideal that we believe is essential to meet client demand and expectations.
Our Services
The needs of commercial businesses vary from space to space, and these properties have to comply with a lot of standards and industry codes. Our team assists in constructing retail, hospitality and office spaces that comply with all regulations, and are tailored to all of your needs.
JD Refurb Construction has a wealth of experience working across all industries, and can build commercial, industrial and residential, support heritage refurbishment as well as remedial buildings.
The integrity of a heritage site may simply need a refurbishment to maintain its foundations. We have worked across multiple heritage buildings that require delicate care and attention to ensure builds and repairs that don’t compromise the building’s appearance. Apart from the services listed above, we also deliver home extensions to our clients. So if you ever need reliable home extension builders in Sydney, you know where to find us!
As some of the best builders in Sydney, we create a sound structure, our remedial builders ensure your project is managed and the structure and design is maintained. Our nominated experienced remedial builder will be able to manage all of the organisation, overseeing contractors and ensuring your project is safe, on time and on budget.
We can build a variety of properties including contemporary and modern design. We construct properties using high quality materials, and ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied. As the ideal custom builders near me, we treat every house we build with the same attention and care we would our own home.
Our Projects

Professional Builders & Experts from JD Refurb Construction

JD Refurb Construction has provided our Sydney clients with high quality builds for a variety of residential and commercial properties. With a team of experienced custom home builders and technicians in Sydney, we can work on almost any project you have in mind, and offer a great solution. With decades of experience, JD Refurb Construction understands the many needs of managing and fulfilling a new build. We are the best builders near you when it comes to residential and commercial properties. Thus, if you are looking for luxury home builders in Sydney, call us now.

  • Ground up construction
  • Residential customised
  • Commercial reconfiguration customised fit outs
  • Industrial construction projects
  • Remedial building face lifts
  • Heritage listing repairs & full building renovations
  • Refurbishments & fit-outs
If you are unsure about what projects we can work on, give the best builders in Sydney a call today!

Custom Home Builders Near Me with Service tailored to your needs

JD Refurb Construction has a history that spans across family generations in the industry, as early as the 1900s. With an ongoing commitment to preserving our reputation for quality, today JD Refurb Construction is a professional construction company made up of highly-experienced, skilled tradespeople, and the best builders in Sydney utilising the highest standard of materials and tailoring solutions to suit our variety of clients. As custom home builders near me, our service aims to provide quality, but also aims to deliver a completed project that is completely tailored to your request. We have worked across a multitude of projects over our time, but we still treat each work as a completely unique task. Are you ready to see your dream new home ideas come to reality? Hire our new home builders in Sydney today and see all the magic unravelling in front of your eyes. Call JD Refurb Construction whenever you need custom home builders or luxury home builders in Sydney! We are also known as the best renovation builders in Sydney, giving you more options.

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We are the best luxury builders in Sydney and can discuss projects across the state. Our new home builders in Sydney believe in building a strong relationship with you to ensure a perfectly-completed construction. To discuss working with us, contact us today. Call direct to building Sales Representative on 02 7233 0466 or email sales to info@jdconstruction.com.au.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for more answers regarding our services as custom builders near me, we’re always happy to chat, but here are a few of our frequently asked questions
How do I choose a construction company?

When searching for a construction company with the finest new home builders or the best renovation builders in Sydney, it’s crucial to find a reliable team to collaborate with. When considering a partnership with any business, we strongly recommend conducting thorough research and assessing the following factors:


Building projects require knowledge and expertise, so it’s important to select a company with the best builders or luxury home builders in Sydney. Look for a team with a diverse range of experience and a successful track record of completed projects.


Construction companies that prioritise strong client relationships are invaluable. They will work closely with you, fostering effective communication and collaboration throughout the project. Conducting research and reading reviews about the custom builders in your area will give you insights into their client relationships.

Budget and Finances

A reputable company always considers your budget and aims to complete the construction within its confines. As construction experts, they possess the expertise to make informed decisions regarding materials, ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate these aspects will help you choose a construction company that aligns with your requirements and can deliver exceptional results.

What is the construction process?
Every project is different, but generally speaking when you partner with a company and start your construction, you’ll be looking at these steps:

– Create the concept and design

– Building permits

– Land clearing/excavation

– Building foundations

– Framing

– Electrical & plumbing

– Roof installation

– Heating and cooling needs

All steps must comply with any permits and requirements.

What makes a good construction manager?
A competent construction manager excels in effective communication right from the start, providing valuable guidance and addressing any doubts or questions you may have. They possess strong project management skills, enabling them to efficiently coordinate and organise the appropriate staff for each task. 

Moreover, construction managers are adept at budget management, ensuring your project stays within financial constraints. When selecting a construction manager, it is essential to meet and have discussions with potential companies to gauge their willingness to offer advice without any obligation. 

Call the building sales representative directly on 02 7233 0466 or email sales to info@jdconstruction.com.au.

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