JD refurb Construction have proven to be excellent at their work and provided the most through and useful advice in a timely manner. I have no hesitation in referring them to my friends and contacts.
Jim Kartsounis
I have inspected some of properties they built a few years ago. I have been impressed by the quality they delivered. If you are looking for a good builder, I would highly recommend you get a quotation from them before speak to anyone else.
Leo Su
Glenwood Project: *UPDATE* In continuation of my previous review, I had the privilege of documenting JD Refurb and Construction's latest project, which involved the restoration of a heritage-listed home and the construction of a remarkable pool house on the same property. Their consistent dedication to preserving the past while seamlessly integrating modern elements continues to amaze me. The finish product is a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship and ability to create a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity. I am deeply humbled when Dragan & Jure from JD Refurb Construction asked me to come out to document their latest heritage renovations project that they are currently working on. Once again their level of professionalism is amazing and to see the process taking place is astonishing. Taking absolute care to a Heritage Listed home that is well over 150 years old and again with the level of detail and planning. It goes to show why they are the best builders for this type of work and to add another accomplishment to this project, utilising the space of the property they have carefully planned out another dwelling. I cannot wait to return to this property once the renovations are complete and see the final outcome. Well done to the team at JD Refurb Construction. Ermington Projects: Had the pleasure to document the process of two of their custom-built homes' construction in Ermington. To have watched the build from start to finish was absolutely amazing and the level of craftsmanship and to see the final results was absolutely amazing. The attention to detail is second to none and the designs of both residential properties goes to show how well planned they utilized the space on the land.
Marvin Madridano
Great communication and quality of works.
Ben Ruddell
Had a smooth process dealing with Dragan and JD refurb constructions. Highly recommended!
The builder that I sought had to be a perfectionist builder in view of the work to be done was major renovation to a heritage classified convict built home (circa1840). The builder had to ensure the continued integrity of the existing home and the proposed build at all times. Refurb Construction was able to do this work through great service and ongoing communication with numerous state govt bodies plus local council and achitects to complete this work - exceeding my expectations and the attention to detail was totally unbelievable. This renovation was not your normal custom build but a very very specialised build. The builder provided very friendly service at all times and was great to see Dragan or George onsite daily overseeing the processes. Additionally the quality of tradeseman appeared to be "handpicked" in view there quality workmanship provided. I would have hesitation in recommending both Dragan and George or Refurb Construction given the end result - superb outcome.
Harvey Weir
I was pleased to inspect a project from JD Refurb Construction, a newly custom-built home located at Ermington. The metallic bricks are amazing and the detailing when entering the homes have a homely grandeur feel, while viewing each room the builder's attention to detail are flawless & perfection, the way the home is designed is well planned with an open large kitchen, by adding a two-bedroom granny flat, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a perfectionist builder in Sydney.
Miriam Chbib
Dragan and his team have an excellent work ethic, their attention to detail and quality of work exceeded my expectations. I would definitely use them again in the future.
George Koovousis
I was pleased to inspect a project from JD Refurb Construction, a newly custom-built home located at Ermington. the metallic bricks are amazing and the detailing when entering the homes have a homely grandeur feel, while viewing each room the builder's attention to detail are flawless & perfection, the way the home is designed is well planned with an open large kitchen, by adding a two-bedroom granny flat, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a perfectionist builder in Sydney.
Nicolas Schreiber
Good quality construction, easy to deal with
Jason Kiprovski
JD Refurb Construction are a professional friendly building consultant, providing building services to the Sydney region. I have dealt with Dragan & Jure on many projects and have found them to be a perfectionist builder who focus on quality, rather than trying to get things done quickly & cheaply. They are a custom builder, who can build custom built homes, alterations & additions and duplexes. They have provided me with advice & trades for my own building project. They also do commercial fitouts & construction, and have worked on the Secant Street Liverpool commercial fit out which turned out very well. I would recommend JD Refurb Construction for any future jobs that come up.
Brian Longbottom
We used Dragan at JD refurb for the restoration work on our 130 year old heritage house. Some of the work required complete rebuild, doors, balcony, windows - delivered with true artisan workmanship. Professional, responsive and easy to deal with Dragan went out of the way to source materials and craftsmen from heritage suppliers to ensue the integrity of the building was maintained, including etched glass. Post the work Dragan has helped with no cost advice on some adjoining works that potentially will affect our house. I highly recommend Dragan’s team at JD Refurb
Greg Lauder
JD Refurb Construction is an expert in the construction industry. Jure is of the most knowledgeable people I know in the industry. Recently we had a leak in our ensuite that has shown damage to the ceiling downstairs in the kitchen. We had some issues with our previous construction company that built our house. Jure came out and inspected, assessed the damage to our property, he wrote a full report outlining what action need to be taken in order for the issues to be resolved. We were able to submit this report to the previous builder and have more of an understanding what was causing this damage and what needed to be done to resolve the issue. Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge.
Michelle Dojcinoska
LJHooker at Edensor Park has had the pleasure to view two new residential custom built homes built by JD Refurb Construction, located at 54 & 54A Spurway Street Ermington. Both homes stand side by side which are built absolutely amazing with the level of trades craftsman detail to each room and the large open design space which invites you to a homely grandeur feel once you step into each room viewing the final finished results. The attention to detail is second to none and the designs of both residential properties goes to show how well planned the builders utilised the space on the land by adding a two bedroom granny flat to both homes. Great builders to consider for anyone looking to build.
Mani Mani
I was very pleased to inspect Dragan and Jure builders from JD Refurb Construction, their two newly custom built homes located at Ermington. When arriving facing towards both homes the metallic brick glitters off the sun looks absolutely amazing and the detailing when entering the homes gave me a homely grandeur feel, while viewing each room you can see that no expense was compromised and the builders attention to detail flawless perfection, the way both homes are designed are well planned by adding a two storey two bedroom granny flat to both homes. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a perfectionist builder.
tom lu
Very proffesional and quality finishes. Great service and easy to communicate with. Thank you JD Constructions👏👍
Darijo Curcic
About Us
JD Refurb Construction P/L registered as a family group of professional builders with a long family history in the building services industry from early 1900’s central Europe to the early 1960’s in Australia, we are committed in providing up most excellence in quality of professional trades men & high standard to materials products to clients looking to renovate federation and heritage listed buildings as well as commercial fit-outs, refurbishments, remedial face lifts to tired old buildings also in ground-up-construction of new residential, commercial, industrial projects. We are able in providing all these services as of the long history of builders, contractors in the family passed down over the past 100 years of knowledge & experience of years in the building industry. Our company has grown over the years to contribute positively to the industry and prides itself on high ethical and moral values. JD Refurb Construction P/L takes pride in delivering the highest quality workmanship and impeccable client experiences. We operate under an ideal that we believe is essential to meet client demand and expectations.
Our Services
The needs of commercial businesses vary from space to space, and these properties have to comply with a lot of standards and industry codes. Our team assists in constructing retail, hospitality and office spaces that comply with all regulations, and are tailored to all of your needs.
JD Refurb Construction has a wealth of experience working across all industries, and can build commercial, industrial and residential, support heritage refurbishment as well as remedial buildings.
The integrity of a heritage site may simply need a refurbishment to maintain its foundations. We have worked across multiple heritage buildings that require delicate care and attention to ensure builds and repairs that don’t compromise the building’s appearance. Apart from the services listed above, we also deliver home extensions to our clients. So if you ever need reliable home extension builders in Sydney, you know where to find us!
As some of the best builders in Sydney, we create a sound structure, our remedial builders ensure your project is managed and the structure and design is maintained. Our nominated experienced remedial builder will be able to manage all of the organisation, overseeing contractors and ensuring your project is safe, on time and on budget.
We can build a variety of properties including contemporary and modern design. We construct properties using high quality materials, and ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied. As the ideal custom builders near me, we treat every house we build with the same attention and care we would our own home.
Our Projects

Professional Builders & Experts from JD Refurb Construction

JD Refurb Construction has provided our Sydney clients with high quality builds for a variety of residential and commercial properties. With a team of experienced custom home builders and technicians in Sydney, we can work on almost any project you have in mind, and offer a great solution. With decades of experience, JD Refurb Construction understands the many needs of managing and fulfilling a new build. We are the best builders near you when it comes to residential and commercial properties. Thus, if you are looking for luxury home builders in Sydney, call us now.

  • Ground up construction
  • Residential customised
  • Commercial reconfiguration customised fit outs
  • Industrial construction projects
  • Remedial building face lifts
  • Heritage listing repairs & full building renovations
  • Refurbishments & fit-outs
If you are unsure about what projects we can work on, give the best builders in Sydney a call today!

Custom Home Builders Near Me with Service tailored to your needs

JD Refurb Construction has a history that spans across family generations in the industry, as early as the 1900s. With an ongoing commitment to preserving our reputation for quality, today JD Refurb Construction is a professional construction company made up of highly-experienced, skilled tradespeople, and the best builders in Sydney utilising the highest standard of materials and tailoring solutions to suit our variety of clients. As custom home builders near me, our service aims to provide quality, but also aims to deliver a completed project that is completely tailored to your request. We have worked across a multitude of projects over our time, but we still treat each work as a completely unique task. Are you ready to see your dream new home ideas come to reality? Hire our new home builders in Sydney today and see all the magic unravelling in front of your eyes. Call JD Refurb Construction whenever you need custom home builders or luxury home builders in Sydney! We are also known as the best renovation builders in Sydney, giving you more options.

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We are the best luxury builders in Sydney and can discuss projects across the state. Our new home builders in Sydney believe in building a strong relationship with you to ensure a perfectly-completed construction. To discuss working with us, contact us today. Call direct to building Sales Representative on 02 7233 0466 or email sales to

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for more answers regarding our services as custom builders near me, we’re always happy to chat, but here are a few of our frequently asked questions
JD Refurb Construction specialises in what kinds of buildings?
JD Refurb Construction specialises in many projects, including residential homes, commercial properties, and heritage buildings. As the best builders in Sydney, we offer a range of specialised services like custom builders, luxury home builders, and home renovation builders, serving the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you require a new home construction, building renovations, or house extensions, our expertise covers a broad spectrum of building types, ensuring quality and client satisfaction in each project. JD Refurb Construction is your trusted partner for all your construction and renovation needs in Sydney, consistently striving to be among the best renovation builders in Sydney.
How does JD Refurb Construction Make sure each customer receives individualised service?
JD Refurb Construction prioritises individualised service for each customer by taking a client-centric approach. From the initial consultation, where we comprehensively understand the client’s unique needs and goals, to the tailored design phase, open and transparent communication, meticulous workmanship, regular progress updates, and adaptability to client-specific requirements, we ensure that every project aligns with the client’s vision. Our commitment extends beyond project completion with ongoing support and guidance. Whether custom home construction, building renovations, or luxury home building in Sydney, our focus is on providing a personalised experience that consistently meets and exceeds our client’s expectations. This positions us as among the best renovation builders and new home builders in Sydney.
What main services does JD Refurb Construction offer in Sydney?

JD Refurb Construction offers a comprehensive range of services in Sydney, including:
Custom Home Building: Our custom builders near you will tailor homes to our clients’ unique needs and preferences.
Luxury Home Building: Our expertise extends to luxury home construction, where we create exceptional residences with high-end features and finishes.
Home Renovations: We provide home renovation services, revitalising existing properties to enhance aesthetics, functionality, and value.
Home Extensions: Our services include extensions and expanding living spaces to accommodate growing needs.
Commercial Construction: We undertake commercial building projects catering to various businesses and organisations.
Building Renovations: Our team excels in building renovations, addressing structural and aesthetic improvements in existing structures.
Heritage Building Restoration: We specialise in preserving the historical significance and architectural charm of heritage properties.

How can I contact JD Refurb Construction to discuss my desire for a bespoke home?
For a personalised consultation regarding your desire for a bespoke home, contact JD Refurb Construction in Sydney via our office phone at 02 7233 0466 or by emailing As luxury home builders and custom builders near you, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that align with your unique vision, ensuring that your dream home is brought to life in the best possible way. Our commitment to open communication and client-centric services sets us apart as the best builder in Sydney for those seeking a customised living space.
What distinguishes JD Refurb Construction from other players in the building sector?
JD Refurb Construction sets itself apart in Sydney’s highly-competitive building sector through distinctive qualities. Our diverse expertise encompasses custom and luxury home building, renovations, commercial construction, and heritage restoration, making us a versatile and one-stop solution for various construction needs. A client-centric approach ensures that each project is meticulously tailored to meet individual preferences and requirements, while our unwavering commitment to quality workmanship, transparent communication, and regulatory compliance instils trust and confidence in our clients. With a profound understanding of heritage preservation, a strong reputation, and a track record of excellence, JD Refurb Construction is a trusted name and a top choice for those seeking the best renovation and custom builders in Sydney.
How can I ask JD Refurb Construction for a price or estimate for my building project?
For an accurate price or estimate for your bespoke home, renovation, commercial construction, or any other building project in Sydney, simply contact JD Refurb Construction through our office phone at 02 7233 0466 or via email at As one of the best custom builders in Sydney, our client-centric approach guarantees that the estimate is tailored to your unique requirements. We are known for our transparent communication and quality workmanship, making JD Refurb Construction the best choice for those seeking luxury home builders, home renovation builders, or new home builders in Sydney.
Does JD Refurb Construction offer a warranty or guarantee on their building work?
Yes, JD Refurb Construction offers a warranty or guarantee on our building work. We are dedicated to ensuring the quality and durability of our construction and renovation projects. The specific terms and duration of the warranty may vary depending on the type of project and its scope.
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