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Your Heritage Home Builders In Sydney

Sydney has some of the best examples of heritage properties in Australia. From the estate homes of the 1790s through Victorian villas and cottages to Art Deco houses, every era and style of building is represented. Keeping these buildings in pristine condition requires expert knowledge and skills from Sydney’s best heritage building company – JD Refurb Construction.

Renovations, restorations and alterations for the city’s oldest homes

At JD Refurb Construction, we’re experienced heritage builders for the city’s older properties. Offering a premier heritage building service in Sydney, we assist clients in maintaining their stunning properties and their value in the market. Our refurbishments have taken some of the city’s most revered properties back to beautiful, like-new condition.

From early federation original colonial buildings to federation bungalow or an Edwardian villa, we can help. We can complete any structural or remedial repairs or renovations and alterations needed to bring your building back to its former glory. We have the expertise in-house to fix any heritage features in the correct original architectural manner.

As these type of properties require extra attention to detail and level of care, we ensure every project is completed by experienced home builders. Rest assured that when you contract us for refurbishments or structural repairs, you’ll be getting a builder with substantial knowledge of heritage properties. To ensure we cater to your needs, we take the time to discuss your requirements and property before commencing anyconstructionwork, a promise we keep for all residential and commercial projects.

Repainting is part of any renovation, get it done right

We are proud to be one of a few building companies to offer experienced trade personnel master painters who are 3rd or 4th generation painters. Not many people realize, but the villas of old were often painted in a brush stroke style with a variety of colours, with red, green, yellow and blue just as common in the painting scheme as more neutral creams, whites, and blacks. Our painting team can advise you of the best colour combinations to suit your heritage building as part of our refurbishments and restorationservices.

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We are able to provide any historic home with the remedial repairs, refurbishments or restorations they need. To learn more about our otherbuilding services including commercial construction services, please contact us. Call the building consultant on 0417 269 912 or 8786 0670, for a free, no obligation, expert quotation.