Sunday, 26 March 2023

What is remedial building work and why is it important?

Remedial building work is any work on a building to repair its faults. Buildings, like most things, need attention and repairs and this is what we mean when we say remedial building work. This could include cracks in your walls, holes starting to form in your floors or just about anything that has to do with maintaining the structure of your building. These kinds of problems with your building can’t be repaired by any old handyman – they need attention from an expert remedial builder.

So why is it important? There are a few reasons why remedial building work is important for your building. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Making sure it’s structurally sound

All buildings need to be structurally A1 and require inspections to determine so. If the structural integrity of your building is lacking, the result is going to be pretty simple to work out: it will fall apart, causing a hazard to everyone who lives in it and everyone nearby. Thankfully, building inspections in Australia are carried out to a high standard and you will likely know when your building requires remedial work.

Taking care of spalling

Getting rid of spalling is another reason why remedial building work is so important. ‘Concrete cancer’ occurs when water builds up inside the concrete, causing it to rust, expand and make cracks. That doesn’t sound good for your building now, does it? You’d be correct. The bigger the cracks, the more water will be allowed in to rot the insides of your building. Remedial building work aims to fix this.


Waterproofing your building is another aspect of remedial building work which is important. Water ingress occurs when leaks allow water to permeate the concrete, causing major structural damage to your building. One way to spot this is through wall stains, which show that there are patches of water within the walls. Waterproofing stops this from happening and is something that needs to be done quite regularly for the best results.

Maximising property value

Taking good care of your most valuable asset is essential. A property with a sound structure is worth a lot more than a property with a poor structure. Remedial building work not only helps to add value to your property but makes it a lot easier to sell.

So, now that you know exactly what remedial building work is and why it’s so important to carry out, you’ve got to choose the best remedial building team on the market. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! JD Refurb Constructions are Sydney’s expert construction team who are highly experienced in remedial building work. They make sure your building is maintained to the highest standard possible and that the work is completed on time and to budget. Contact the experts at JD Refurb Constructions to get your building back on track today.