Friday, 2 June 2023

Quality Remedial Building Restoration & Maintenance Throughout Sydney

JD Refurb Construction is not only focused on residential and commercial construction, alterations, and renovations, but we are also leaders in the restoration and maintenance of Sydney’s iconic heritage homes and buildings. We have set the standards because we are one of the premier remedial building companies in Sydney.

As Sydney’s top remedial building experts, we have successfully undertaken remedial work on hundreds of properties throughout Sydney, not only for residential home or commercial building owners, but also for strata management entities. And the same commitment to professionalism, friendliness, and deadlines we emphasise on our other construction projects is present when working on remedial projects too. JD Refurb Construction never compromises on quality; from the materials used, through to workmanship and finishes. Yes, we are experts in everything we do in the remedial building services industry in Sydney! So, go ahead and get in touch with one of the leading remedial building companies in Sydney.

Inspection, Identification, and Solution Assessment

As the leading Sydney expert remedial builders near you, our approach to any remedial project is not limited to treating or fixing any visible problems. While that is a key component of remedial building or restoration, it can be purely cosmetic if it is the result of an underlying cause that is not also treated. Which is why our remedial building experts begin work by carrying out a detailed inspection of the property or building. We identify what needs to be done and look for any root causes, along with looking closely at any other latent problems that could lead to flaws if left untreated. Our experts then discuss these and our proposed solutions with our clients, so that any work done on remedial building projects fixes more than just what is noticeable.

Structural Repairs, Rectification, and Replacements

Remedial building is about much more than simple aesthetic maintenance of a building or property. It is also about repairing or rectifying structural flaws that may be the result of past or recent construction work, the materials used, or the result of the age of the property. Pre-emptive maintenance can reduce the need for large-scale remedial builds, but there are other factors too that contribute to the need for remedial work. At JD Refurb Construction, our remedial building experts in Sydney take care of it all. This could include minor concrete, roofing, and flooring repairs, through to significant corrections or rectification of critical structural flaws or replacing structures or building elements that cannot be repaired. Our clients include property owners, corporations, and strata managers, and we always work with our clients to understand their needs and find the optimal long-term solution. That’s what you get when you do business with one of the major remedial building companies in Sydney. Connect with us today!

Concrete Remediation in Sydney

Concrete is a hard-wearing construction material, but also one of the most common reasons for remedial building. Hard-wearing does not mean infallible, and two frequent problems with concrete are spalling and concrete cancer.

Concrete spalling is mostly the result of moisture penetrating concrete, causing visible crumbling and flaking of the concrete. It is not necessarily a sign of poor construction, but rather of naturally-occurring corrosion and weathering. However, it isn’t purely cosmetic damage and left untreated can cause more severe structural damage, so a proper assessment of the cause and severity of the problem is always necessary, followed by remedial treatment and – where needed – façade rejuvenation or refurbishment.

Concrete cancer – in contrast – is more dangerous than spalling, and generally requires a lot more effort to correct. Concrete cancer is the result of neglect or poor construction, with untreated spalling eventually leading to concrete cancer, and improper preparation of reinforcing or poor pouring of concrete being construction-related causes. While early detection and treatment of spalling can help prevent concrete cancer, the early detection and remediation of concrete cancer is critical, since it is an indication of severe structural flaws that can have dangerous consequences. And early detection can also lead to less invasive remedial actions. Our expert remedial builders in Sydney can help with the early detection and solutions to treat the concrete. We can help you with all kinds of solutions and services when it comes to concrete remediation. After all, we are the #1 remedial builders near you!

Our Other Remedial Building Services

Concrete remediation is not the only expert remedial building services we offer in Sydney. JD Refurb Construction is also able to assist with leak detection, damp repairs, and waterproofing in residential homes, strata properties, and commercial buildings. We also provide a number of other remedial builds, such as underpinning, door and window replacements, roofing repairs or replacements, and the stitching of brickwork. Being one of the best remedial building companies in Sydney, we use new technologies and methods to keep all remedial builds as non-invasive as possible, but always delivering the optimal outcome for owners and properties.

Schedule a consultation with JD Refurb Construction today to discuss how we can take care of your remedial building requirements anywhere in Sydney: (Call direct to building Sales Representative on 0417 269 912 or email sales to Yes, we are your ideal remedial builders near you!