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When handling the intricacies of heritage buildings, properties potentially decades or centuries old, it’s important to maintain proper care and detail. There’s also the need to maintain its heritage integrity. These projects can be complex, and shouldn’t be handled by just any construction company.

JD Construction has worked across heritage projects, delivering a high quality finish that complements and protects old and antique structures.

Our process

When you work with JD Construction you are guaranteed a high quality, professional experience. We work with you to ensure designs and plans are up to standard, and manage the construction process until completed. We don’t believe in shortcuts, ensuring an exceptional service each time. Partnering with you means managing a team of builders, complying with zoning laws and meeting needs for permits, and collaborating with you through the whole process. JD is proud of its folio of clients, developing strong relationships with them all.

Our services

JD Construction has experience across a range of projects, with a large folio of successful builds. We are experts in:


We have developed large and small commercial spaces that comply with all industry standards and manage the many needs of running a business. Our team can work with you to ensure a productive, functional space for any industry


From new home builds to house extensions, JD Construction can support turning your dream home into a reality. Our priority is making a structurally sound foundation using the highest quality materials all the while maintaining style and aesthetic. 

Remedial Builders

While our builders create a sound structure, our remedial builders ensure your project is managed and the structure and design is maintained. An experienced remedial builder will be able to manage all of the organisation, overseeing contractors and ensuring your project is safe, on time and on budget. 


The integrity of a heritage site may simply need a refurbishment to maintains its foundations. We have worked across multiple heritage buildings that require delicate care and attention to ensure builds and repairs that don’t compromise the building’s appearance.

Organising your build with JD

JHD Construction as access to all specialists and experts that will ensure your build is on time and on budget. When you partner with us you can ensure our utmost care and attention to deliver you the property you envision. Quality is only one part of our assurance, as we tailor every project to the needs of our clients. If you would like to work with us, contact the team today.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose a construction company?

There are a few factors to considering a reliable construction company, one of them being experience. An experienced business will have completed multiple projects and will have a broad scope of knowledge to ensure your property is up to standard. You will also want a company that prioritises building working relationships with their clients that includes assisting with ensuring finances and budgets are well managed. A large project means a lot of time working together, and you will want a team you trust. It’s always useful to “shop around” when searching for a construction company and scoping out reviews and skillset.

 What is the process for starting my project?

All construction companies are different but generally speaking there will be a few steps to ensuring that your project is completed well.

– Concept creation and design

– Obtaining all necessary building permits

– Land clearing & excavation

– Starting the foundation

– Framing

– Electrical & plumbing

– Roof installation

– Any heating and cooling needs

Each step ensures that the property built is safe, compliant and looks how it’s planned. JD Construction are available to help complete your property in a timely but attentive manner.

What makes a good construction manager?

When we consider the skills and qualities of an excellent construction manager we look for:

Communication: As they are responsible for handling a number of workers, discussing your vision and options and managing the project, they’ll need to be highly effective communicators.

Experience in project management: A wealth of experience allows for trust and security in your project. It’s good to take a look at any past projects of your construction manager and get an understanding of all their relevant experience/qualifications

Budgeting and financing: A good construction manager will put their customers best interest first, which goes for budgeting. Ideally they will manage the costs of staff and materials without you worrying about going over budget.

Get started with JD Construction

Our team are based in Sydney and have worked across multiple projects around the state. If you are looking to weigh up your options, reach out to our building consultant today on  0417 269 912 or 8786 0670 for a free, no obligation quotation.

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