Sunday, 26 March 2023

Do I need an architect for a renovation?

Renovating is exciting. It gives us a new feeling in our home and represents a new chapter in our life. Plus, it adds value to our home and is a solid investment for down the track. Renovations can be tricky to work out, especially in terms of who you need to employ. It might be clear to you that you need a carpenter, a plumber and a builder… but what about an architect?

It’s a fair enough question to ask, and that’s what we’ll address in this post.

When to use an architect for a renovation

Using an architect for a renovation is generally only required when the work that needs doing is particularly complex or will present difficulties when seeking council approval. Most home renovations don’t require an architect, but there are a small portion that do. Architects ensure that the blueprints of your reno pass safety codes, like whether your materials are fire-resistant.

Other reasons you may want an architect for a renovation is when solving problems like not enough ventilation or natural light in your home. These procedures could require complex alterations, depending on how much you want to change.

When to use a high-quality building team

For the overwhelming majority of renovations, you won’t need an architect. Instead, you’ll need a highly experienced and highly skilled team of building professionals. Builders take the theory of building and put it into practice. Say if you’re renovating your kitchen and want to remove the old bench-tops and cupboards and put entirely new ones in. An experienced builder will have done this countless times and know exactly how to do this for you.

How to pick the right builder for your renovation

A lot of the time, when it comes to renovations, you can carry it out and be dissatisfied by the end of it. This has nothing to with you – but the builder. Sure, all construction teams may seem the same from the point of view of a Google search. But the truth is, they’re not. Some builders are qualified but simply won’t have the knowledge to see your vision of the renovation, and therefore won’t be able to conduct it to your liking. When choosing a builder to do your renovation, you need someone who truly understands your vision.

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